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I'm Kathryn an American Expat. I document my adventures in Belgium, share my stories about my time in France, review Belgian Beer, Dissect books, and Write. You can read more on my Blog, or watch on Youtube

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More About Me

In 1987, the best year! I was born in the awesome state of Georgia. We left the hot weather, Spanish moss, and gigantic bugs and settled in Pennsylvanian. (It has 4 seasons) As a child, I acquired the nickname gypsy, for all the places I lived. Pa holds a special place in my heart, since I lived there the longest.(8 years)

In 2005 I studied abroad in France during my junir year in High School. Not the best introduction into the international stage, since I hated the experiencce. But I learned a lot, and I meet Prince Charming.

The travel bug bit me hard, although thanks to my Grandparents I was already pretty well traveled. My family is scattered across the US. Every summer, my grandparents and I packed up the motor home, and visited something or someone. I've been to 48/50 states. (excluding Alaska and Hawaii. International I've visited Centrel American, Europe, and Asia. Despite my first study abroad ending horrible. I tried it again in china in 2007.

In 2010 I left America and moved to France to live happpily ever after with my Prince Charming. Over 7 years we built a beautiful life. We cat adopted us, bought our first home and made tiny humans.

In 2017, our adventure in France ended when we decided to move to Belgium. We are starting over in Prince Charmings home country.

I love languages, and now I get to learn a 3rd; Dutch. English is my maternal, French is my second. I studied to be a translator, but that turned into teaching English as a second language, which lead to becoming a copy-editor.

Now I'm a student, learning web design. Soon I'll earn my BA in Business management.I write blogs, and create videos, while working on my next dream/goal/project: Published Author.

If the adventure sparks your fancy, come along, there's beer!

Tot ziens mijn appelsien!